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The objective of this Section is to help a beginner to learn the alphabets in the easiest possible way. The easy letters are selected in this lesson without considering their position in the order of alphabets.

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LESSON 6 - Easy Alphabets

This Lesson introduces the easiest alphabets in Malayalam.

The easiest alphabet is T (TTa) which is a complete circle
The following alphabets are closely related to T
w (am) – anuswaram
d (Ra) – a broken T
\ (na) one d joined to another d
[ (dha) – inverted \
l (ha) – a small d  and a big d connected with a line
c  (ra), which is a dwith an internal bend
X (tha), which is one d overlapped on another d
h (va), which is a big d with an extension “_|“
] (pa), which is a small d with an extension “_|“

Few Sample words using above alphabets

Xd (thaRa) – floor
]d (paRa) – measure of grains
hc (vara) – line
lcw (haram) – pleasure
]\ (pana) – palm tree
Tw (TTam ) – Idol
h[w (vadham) – murder


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