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LESSON 25 –\o, \n, Xm, Av (You)

The word “You” has four equivalents in Malayalam - \o, \n§Ä, Xm¦Ä, A§v (You)which progressively expresses the respect to the person addressed.

\o BSn
nee aadi
you danced
\o BSpì
nee aadunnu
you are dancing
\o BSpw
nee aadum
you will dance
\nsâ B«w
ninte aaTTam
your dance
\n§Ä Ip
ningal kaNdu
you saw
\n§Ä Iméì
ningal kaaNunnu
you are seeing
\n§Ä Iméw
ningal kaaNum
you will see
\n§fpsS ImgvN
ningalude kaazhcha
your sight
Xm¦Ä HmSn
thaankaL Oadi
you ran
Xm¦Ä HmSpì
thaankaL Oadunnu
you are running
Xm¦Ä HmSpw
thaankaL Oadum
you will run
Xm¦fpsS Hm«w
thaankalude oTTam
your run
A§v NmSn
angu chaadi
you jumped
A§v NmSpì
angu chaadunnu
you are jumping
A§v NmSpw
angu chaadum
you will jump
A§bpsS Nm«w
angeyude chaaTTam
your jump


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