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Part 2 - Intermediate
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(Selected lessons from Malayalam Text Books of Standards VII, VIII, IX & X)


This Part 2 of the Tutorial is intended to gradually increase the knowledge and command of the student in Malayalam language. The Malayalam text books known as Paataavali prepared by the Government of Kerala are the sources of the chapters in this part. Selected lessons from Standards VII, VIII, IX and X are given in 11 lessons. Different topics are selected to let the student learn different aspects of Kerala life as well as the words and phrases used in those contexts. By the time the student reaches Section 12, he/she has achieved a level of High School Graduate in Malayalam.

Part 3 will teach the student the usage of Malayalam grammar and by the time the student has completed Part 2 and Part 3, he/she can enjoy Malayalam literature fully including poetry, prose, short stories, novels and satires.

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