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{Inb is an independant word, or a combined word or a group of words, signifying an action.{Inb is expressed in past, past continuous, present, present continous, future and future continous tenses as needed. {Inb is also known as IrXn.

Present Present continuous Past Past continuous Future Future Continuous
ham\Imew XpSham\Imew `pXImew XpS`pXImew `mhnImew XpS`mhnImew
CSpI/CSpì CpsImÙncn Cp CpsImÙn CSpw CpsImÙncnw
HmSpI/HmSp HmSntmÙncn HmSn HmSnsmÙn HmSpw HmSnsmÙncnw
DpI/Dp DÙpsImÙncn DÙp DÙpsImÙn Dpw DÙpsImÙncnw
FpI/Fp Fn sm-ncn Fn FnsmÙn Fpw Fn sm-ncnw
sImfpnpÙsImÙncn sImfpnp sImfpnp sIm-n sImfpnSpw sImfpnp sIm-ncnw
\Sm\ndn smÙncn \Sm\ndn \Sm\ndn smÙn \Sm\ndpw \Sm\ndn smÙncnw
\osbsad sImÙncn \osbs ad \osbsad sImÙn \osbs adw \osbsad sImÙncnw

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